12. If you need a queen, you’ve arrive at not the right spot.“If you need a whore, provide me $2;”

13. “Carefully written, fact-checked essay into the roads, unmoderated commentary area into the sheets.”

14. “I’m just planning to answer comprehensively the question they are real. for you personally: yes,”

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15. “Your parents will like me however your neighbors won’t.”

16. “Have ‘W’ tattooed on both ass cheeks then when we bend over naked, people say wow.”

17. “Carolina V 2.0 Tinder Edition updates: – minor bug repairs – enhanced selection algorithm – new images (bikini pic added) – performance improvements: summer tan – multilingual help.”

18. “I’m each of like two foot high. Hope you prefer sarcasm and being insulted. If you’re wondering why I’m so funny, it is because We was previously fat.”

19. “I’m here to just take exams and suck di*k. And I’ve already failed all my exams sooooo.”

20. “You may use me personally to arrive at my mother.”

21. “Let’s be truthful; I’m on Tinder and my very very first image is of me personally in a bikini. I’m perhaps perhaps not to locate a relationship or perhaps a close friend.”

22. “I’m on Tinder in order to make buddies the way that is same on Pornhub to begin to see the plumber fix the sink.”

23. “I’m relying on your standards being lower than mine.

An easy synopsis of myself: – Daddy problems – Rapidly declining that is self-esteem possessive and jealous – Drama queen – Gold-digger.”

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