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What happens when you unblock anybody on Kik?

Yes, once you unblock anybody on Kik you’ll begin getting the communications from them. And you can also look at whole information delivered by all of them, as well as the messages that have been delivered while you blocked them. Once you unblock, you’ll receive both old and newer communications sent by your friend.

How do I unblock an obstructed?

Unblock a variety

  1. Opened their telephone app .
  2. Engage A Lot More .
  3. Engage Options. Blocked figures.
  4. Adjacent to the amounts you wish to unblock, tap sharp. Unblock.

Does Kik report to police?

When we need reasonable reasons to believe that Kik has been utilized to commit a young child pornography offence, we’ll document a report with the help of our regional law enforcement agency.

How does Kik say sent yet not delivered?

1. They May Be Off-line. If people you are really delivering a Kik information as well have their own phone’s disconnected from the web, not in a well-ranged Wi-Fi area or have their particular device’s switched off, next recognize that this might be the reason why the message continues to be trapped on Sent although not Delivered. Continue reading