Players have been used in analyses regardless of whether they were sexually effective or experienced, because sexual intercourse and pregnancy wantedness regarding the target people ranged throughout the years. * 31 Although not, users have been expecting any kind of time data check out, in addition to baseline, was basically excluded out of analyses up to these people were once more in danger of pregnancy (i.elizabeth., had an awful maternity try).

To assess if for example the hypothesized relationship between separate parameters and pregnancy is actually mediated simply because of the maternity motives, we used about three strategies. 61 Very first, we fit bivariate logistic habits to look at the connection ranging from for every maternity intention varying and you can after that pregnancy. Next, i checked-out the independent get across-sectional relationships ranging from for every separate changeable and maternity intent adjustable from the fitted bivariate logistic regression habits right after which complete multivariate patterns; i examined correlations among separate variables to make certain that i did not are a couple extremely correlated parameters in one design. Continue reading