Total, teens possess far fewer supporters towards Facebook when comparing to Fb friends; the common (median) teen Facebook representative have 79 followers. 35 Taking a look at the data another way, 54% regarding adolescent Fb pages convey more than just 50 supporters, while you are forty-two% enjoys fifty or a lot fewer followers. Also prominent is the fact that only 2% say they won’t recognize how of a lot followers they have. You to definitely compares to twelve% exactly who say that they don’t determine if the tweets is social otherwise personal. Generally, ladies who will be Facebook users are more inclined to has a larger level of followers in comparison to men that happen to be Fb users; 68% from women have significantly more than simply 50 supporters, weighed against 36% off people. thirty-six not, the amount of teen Fb users is just too brief in order to statement extreme differences in supporters round the individuals racial and you may socioeconomic groups.

Inside our on line attention organizations, extremely family stated a number of followers, and you will a look closely at pursuing the nearest and dearest, and particularly celebs, athletes or any other someone �…I want to discover one thing in the.� Partners youngsters reported that their moms and dads accompanied him or her with the Facebook though you to definitely exception indexed: �Sure, my mother do [go after me].�

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