The study states no.

These pictures do not just relay elegance; research conducted recently advised that 43% men and women thought they may be able see a feeling of somebody’s character by their own picture. You might reckon that somebody who has integrated an image of themselves walking are an outdoorsy style of individual.

But as researchers just who learn human-animal connections, we planned to understand what this designed for owners a€“ particularly, male pet holders.

If you’re men who owns a cat, what kind of result are there on suitors should you decide send a photo posing along with your favorite feline?

Before researches advised that ladies manage determine a potential men spouse according to whether he’s pets. Even though they favour guys with canines, the results indicated that they even bring people with cats an advantage over non-pet holders.

This is why, we reasoned that males envisioned with kittens would be looked at as more attractive and attractive than people just who wouldn’t create with any animals.

Within study, we hired 1,388 heterosexual US female from 18 to 24 years old to take a quick anonymous online survey. In study, we displayed them with pictures of one of two young white boys within early 20s either posing by yourself or with a cat. Continue reading