It is really not because they can.

A lot of men flirt. Many of them is married guys which flirt. This might be an undeniable fact. Exactly what was teasing, precisely, regarding hitched guys? And just why will it takes place? Are flirting cheat? Will it be incorrect?

“Certain people has actually great communication knowledge and rely upon that they fool around with flirtation in order to take care of worry about-term and you may secret within their matchmaking,” demonstrates to you Cassandra Len, a licensed ily therapist with Forgewell Possibilities. “A man can be seriously like and you can take care of their spouse, but he’s safer on them. Inside the a flirtatious telecommunications, there clearly was an amount of unknown that create adventure, and a pride boost.”

Look in the teasing penned when you look at the Gender Spots contributes even more context, and you may relates to both males and females. With respect to the look, people flirt to possess half a dozen explanations why: to track down sex, to explore what it might possibly be want to be in a good relationships, to bolster a relationship, to try to get one thing, to increase thinking-respect, and you may, well, to possess enjoyable. Just what a meal off possibilities.

Given that reasons to own teasing are very varied, not, practitioners and you may psychologists advise that the new behavior end up being knew one another of the males in addition to their lovers in this a larger psychological and you can personal perspective. Though it you are going to end up being odd to own a husband to inform their lover a narrative one to begins, “Thus i try teasing with the bartender…,” there clearly was particular advantage in truth and many closeness is derived off a reputable discussion of mental demands. Continue reading