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By HerNameIsBuffy, 9, 2020 in Quiver Full of Duggars february

We really don’t think anybody should really be judged because of those things of these cousin or moms and dads. Jed ended up being 4 whenever Josh molested their siblings in which he had been 16 whenever it became general general public. He shouldn’t loose the election


indianabones yes, i’ve. Sorry I’m later to your party—looks like y’all discovered some pictures. We shall clean up KJ’s claim that no body knew about Jed’s relationship. We haven’t seen the Duggars in very nearly

RIP Walter Mondale. Most readily useful presidential candidate never elected.




we was thinking we discovered the component i want for my vehicle on O’Reilly Auto Parts’ internet site, nonetheless it appears like i cannot have it at the moment. (Please, please, please, please, please follow the link! The joke only works if it is seen by you. It is promised by me is really the automobile components web site! ) If you can not or will not click:


2-3 weeks ago, I happened to be telling @HerNameIsBuffy about the generously sized solitary carrot we received from Imperfect Foods. Well, i got two more monsters in my box today. We ordered a lb of carrots and a lb of sweet potatoes, and also this is really what they gave me:

At its widest point, the sweet potato is nine ins in diameter, whilst the carrot tops out at seven and three-quarter ins. Continue reading