Recommended online casinos

In looking around WoO for some more Promotions to suggest, I ran across the Black Diamond Casino Bonus that looked absolutely fantastic.

For those that wish to play, (but not Advantage Play) this is a Wizard of Odds APPROVED casino, and as such, any players that have a conflict with the casino in which the player and casino cannot come to a resolution are entitled (if you sign up through the Wizard of Odds link) to have the Wizard himself act as a mediator between the player and the casino in an attempt to reach a satisfactory resolution.

In addition to a $25 No-Deposit Bonus, there is an up to $999 Bonus in which the player can make a first deposit of $100 and get a 200% Bonus, a second deposit of $100 and get a 100% Bonus, a third deposit of up to $100 with a 200% Bonus, and finally, a deposit of up to $1000 which would get a 50% Bonus.

Reviewing the Terms & Conditions, I determined that this is, in fact, a Phantom Bonus in which the Bonus amount is itself not cashable, but that’s really no big deal. The main reason why this wasn’t a big deal is because a varied assortment of Table Games are allowed to be played with this Promotion. It was time for me to do some math!

This Promotion is just another example of how important it is to peruse the Terms & Conditions if you intend to attempt to Advantage Play at online casinos. In many cases, they expressly forbid any such attempt. Let’s have a look at the Bonus Rules.

8.7.1 Bonus abuse takes place when the Member has no intention to use the casino Bonus for entertainment but instead utilizes systematic-betting, advantage-betting techniques or betting at later extent, in order to manipulate the casino Games in her/his favor. Continue reading