Zack: ” What would you like? You need to f–k? Is the fact that what you would like? You wanna f–k? Fine, come right right here. Access it the sleep. Bring your clothing down. We’ll provide you with a great f–k.” Paula: “Where’s that originating from?” Zack: “can get on the sleep.” Paula: “we would not f–k at this point you then obtain the hell away from right here, because I do not require this s–t. if my entire life — ” Zack: “” Paula: “I don’t know whom you think you are speaking with, you realize. I am not some whore you introduced here. I am attempting to be good for you. I am trying to become your buddy, Zack.” Zack: “Well, then be a buddy. Escape right right here.” Paula: “Fine. Fine. You understand, guy. Continue reading