Cardone Constant Velocity Axles

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The brand new Cardone includes high-quality oil that can withstand extreme temperatures and torque demands, ensuring durability and performance that is reliable.

Using this axle, neoprene b ts have design that is new additional bellows that assist resist bellow anxiety and ozone cracking, leading as well failure. In addition has splines rolled accurately with a appropriate fit of CV drive axle into the mating hub transmission, helping you save the installation hassles.

The axle is machined having a transmission seal diameter after heat therapy to serve an extended seal life. Every constant velocity driveshaft is tested and confirmed to ensure straightness, vibration-free performance at whatever rate.


  • Very easy to install
  • Quality grease withstands extreme pressure and temperature.
  • Inspection of this axle shaft for operating out in preventing vibrations
  • Elimination of setting up hassles by the proper fitting regarding the splines in to the mating hub and transmission.
  • Extra bellows minimizing the possibility of failure
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Outstanding quality


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