Whenever she ended up being 15, Tracy Clark-Flory discovered her father’s pornography collection. She had been making use of their computer and came across a webpage called Perfect10 . She saw no element of her embarrassing teenage self reflected when you look at the ladies onscreen, an accumulation blonds with filled breasts, heavy-handed blush and Barbie doll proportions.

She ended up being horrified — maybe maybe not by the acts that are graphic regarding the monitor but because of the proven fact that this is just what her father found attractive. Her dad: a Berkeley hippie who’d constantly preached, “High heels are crippling. Makeup products is unneeded. Plastic cosmetic surgery is regrettable. Shaving your legs is ridiculous. A woman’s many feature that is attractive her mind.”

As one of the porn stars — the type of woman who could incite such desire after she finished crying, she printed out some of the pictures, went to her bedroom and masturbated as she imagined herself.

It had been the beginning of Clark-Flory’s inquiry into sex, a journey that will result in jobs being an intercourse journalist for Salon and Jezebel. Within the last 15 years, she’s got followed animal role players dressed up in BDSM gear through the forests, responded questions regarding penises you’re “too afraid to ask” and had a woman ejaculate on her footwear at a healing workshop that is sexual. Continue reading