The Colorado Child Care suggestions course (CCCAP) will help couples which are homeless, performing, shopping for get the job done or perhaps in faculty find low-income child care service. Homes being signed up for the Colorado operates course can also use CCCAP solutions.

Each state’s section of Social/individuals facilities as well as the Colorado company of soon youth, unit of timely worry and training deal with the CCCAP application. Each county sets qualifications obligations for individuals but must help family which have profits of 185per cent or a reduced amount of the federal impoverishment guideline.

See the relatives Income advice for CCCAP qualifications.

CCCAP Good Exempt Company Examination Reports

You’ll be able to apply for CCCAP on the internet, by mail (haga clic aqui con el fin de espanol) or by contacting your region’s section of human/social business. Continue reading