We typically test knives by doing the forms of things I’d usually do by having a blade. Despite the undeniable fact that I’m a fan of https://datingmentor.org/escort/fort-collins/ destruction tests as a whole, we don’t think things that are such super helpful and we certainly don’t do them whenever I do an assessment. Additionally, great deal of that time period we purchase the blades, therefore I don’t would you like to destroy them since I intend on with them.

But, the Scout is a loaner, being who owns a Dawson, i understand exactly how tough these blades are. And so I went ahead and beat the heck from it.

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We have some big, downed oak limbs that I prefer for knife tests, and so I began when I typically do by skinning the dried bark off some branches and whittling them. We cut v-notches, made sticks that are feather made primitive spears, did the obligatory batoning, utilized the blade tip to drill holes when you look at the lumber, and usually worked the blade a great deal.

Regardless of some scuffing regarding the Cerakote, the blade organized fine, as you expected. The combination of Dawson’s astoundingly razor-sharp side, the high-carbon metal, therefore the temperature treat ensures that this knife cuts just like a demon and does not get dull. Also after every one of the cutting, the blade wasn’t significantly duller and would nevertheless shave, therefore I chose to see just what it can do.

I acquired a typical nail that is galvanized of my toolbox and laid it throughout the top of a bit of oak. We donned my security spectacles, acquired a mallet, along with a two whacks that are sharp the back associated with the blade We drove the blade clean through the nail and in to the lumber.

As you care able to see through the photos below, there’s a small little bit of steel that had been chipped down on one region of the side, but very nearly none on the other hand. Continue reading