You match with a cutie on Tinder. Yay! You are sent by them a message. Woohoo! They ask if you prefer whales because, if that’s the case, you two need get hump straight back at their spot.

Um, bye. From cheesy pickup lines to completely creepy come ons, there could be many different reasoned explanations why you aren’t experiencing a Tinder match. You can easily let them know you are not interested, but then sometimes your only option is to block that bothersome match if they are not to be deterred. But some tips about what you’re probably wondering: Could you see if you should be obstructed on Tinder? In the end, that you do not desire to harm anybody’s emotions — you merely desire to be left alone.

We reached away up to a Tinder spokesperson to inquire of how blocking works on Tinder, and I also had been told that your particular match will be notified if never they are unmatched (which is Tinder speak for “blocking”). “We make the security and privacy of y our users really,” the representative says, “together with individual you unmatched will never be notified that you have done this.” Therefore go on and block away — Tinder will not tattle you. Continue reading