The 10 Best Bedrooms Positions so you can get It On With Another Man

If you’re solitary, how will you avoid embarrassing and boring sex from destroying chemistry with that actually adorable man from Grindr?

If you’re in a longterm relationship, how can you keep consitently the sex fun and exciting with each anniversary? Perhaps the most experienced casanovas need to find out their share that is fair of roles to help keep things interesting in the sack, and that’s why we’ve come up with this handy (and illustrated) guide to your most readily useful homosexual people.

Before we begin, it’s crucial that you establish some homosexual sex ground rules:

  • The stark reality is that anal intercourse can be messy. Bottoms: Wash yourself away with an enema or merely making use of detergent and water before sex to create things since clean as you possibly can. Tops: If it gets a messy that is little here, be cool about this! It’s actually no big deal. Sh*t takes place. Literally.
  • Always exercise safer sex, which include condoms that are using an abundance of water-based lube, and having tested frequently for STIs and HIV. Continue reading