Then there’s the upside that by not seeing each other the time that you are together will count even more if you aren’t able to make the road trips. The old phrase that “absence makes the heart develop fonder” is completely real, and quite often having time aside can make reunions all of the sweeter.

Being aside additionally enables enjoyable approaches to show affection, like gift ideas provided for resort rooms, evening telephone calls and texting each day. Just you can’t connect, and we’re fortunate to live in a word where communication is easier than ever because you’re apart doesn’t mean.

Cons of Dating a Football Player


. The scrutiny is intense. Every move ahead the industry is judged. Whenever you’re dating a football player that is on a team that is winning life is great. It will be rough when you’re dating a player whose team is on a losing skid. It’s hard for him never to bring the strain house with him. Seeing commentary on social media marketing or while being on an outing can trigger the frustration and stress. Often this force will case fractures in a relationship that can’t be mended.

Cheating: Coping With Rumors and Infidelity

It’s a byproduct of constantly being on the highway far from nearest and dearest and having fans (aka groupies) hanging out on a regular basis. Team groupies have reached house games as well as on the trail plus it’s quite normal to allow them to bounce around from player to player.

While your guy may not be cheating, the time aside may cause insecurity in a relationship, particularly while you see relationships dropping aside with other people in the group. Continue reading