Jungkook ended up being straight straight back in the bed you were too occupied with Tae’s tongue massaging yours to notice behind you, doing something but. Taehyung’s lips had been therefore soft, they made you melt. Even if he pulled away and trailed kisses that are sloppy your jaw and down your throat, you needed to grip onto their locks and groan. You had been sidetracked. That’s exactly exactly what Tae ended up being doing, distracting you against whatever Jungkook ended up being going to do.

“Going down, ” the maknae whispers into the ear and also you gasp when his fingers are on your own sides and pushing you straight down. You whine and Taehyung groans profoundly, his upper body vibrating, as Jungkook sinks you down onto their Hyung. You hardly have right time and energy to adjust before Jungkook’s flared tip is pushing at your entry too.

“Fuck, ” you breathe away during the stretch as he gradually begins pushing in. “Guys. Guys no. I can’t. ”

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