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The creator of Why Did Pete Duel Kill Himself? returns with a much more effective novel that is graphic. Monty, A canadian comic-and-toy-shop owner and a pathetic 39-year-old virgin, expects their Asian mail-order bride Kyung Soo to fulfil their female Asian dream stereotypes: obedient, hardworking and loyal. Accentless and tall, Kyung happens to be alot more complex than Monte is prepared to accept. This razor- sharp and affecting have a look at their prickly relationship is told over 264 elegant, pressing pages in this original visual novel by Disney animator Mark Kalesniko. Kalesniko adroitly juxtaposes Monty’s non-sexual, juvenile obsessions along with his objectification of their bride, drawing an immediate line between loneliness, consumerism, and just how the necessity for order in one single’s life compromises the method of things of this heart. Continue reading