As my low run-hours Evinrude FICHT 1999 225 HP (E225FPXEES) many years I have progressively worried that when we have a catastrophic ECU failure that renders it incompetent at interaction using the Evinrude Diagnostics Software that i am going to don’t have any initial ECU database to source-clone and change in to a new/replacement ECU.

I’ve use of a complete up form of the Diagnostics SW but do not see any features for “backing up” or “saving” a current ECU non-volatile memory dataset. These E-TEC that is early precursor didn’t have lots of ROM history to protect aside from run-time, Injector Serial #s-Coefficient-Sets, ECU/SW Version, different Max-Sensor Historiws and RPM-Range Run Historgram etc.

The fact I would ike to protect significantly more than any such thing would be the Injector information.

The only function we see into the diagnostics sw may be the power to do an “In Memory Transfer” from a “Donor ECU” to a “Recipient ECU” – which needless to say presupposes that the donor is operable sufficient to link and communicate to learn information into memory then move to brilic sign up a different ECU. I will see why “Evinrude” (OMC/BRP) could be reluctant to provide the capability to move to an export/backup file to stop anybody from gaming the run-hour SW counter (resetting the odometer as they say) to obtain guarantee claims on machines and ECU’s which are away from their run-hour warranty – however these are now actually all OLD Engines & most of us is supposed to be making use of salvaged components to help keep our engines(esp that is running).

At this time the best way we see to have a duplicate from memory is to try using a low-level debugger to scan memory to duplicate a memory image and make use of hacking techniques to obtain information as a file that may at a later time be employed to emulate this ECU to ECU donor/recipient transfer capability from a file. Continue reading