Will there be a G-rated word most hideous and horrible to women as compared to word “cougar”? Think about whenever we apply it to 16-year-old ladies?

Is there a G-rated phrase considerably hideous and awful to girls than the word “cougar”? Hold off, which is rhetorical. But, seriously. Cougars: they truly are large kittens. They aren’t females of any sort. They are not, specially, women who deign to date more youthful men, for whatever reason, and generally are consequently seen as preying to them and/or ripping all of them apart (emotionally, literally, sexually, whatever) employing horrible metaphorical sharp teeth and claws.

The double criterion is obvious. Males posses dated younger girls for some of historic times, and we’ve never much evaluated all of them for doing so (until, occasionally, one such people dates anybody so most youthful regarding find out they are “robbing the cradle,” generally with of a high-five attitude than censure). Nevertheless when female date a bit, or a large number, more youthful than unique age, the following rational step is label them with a nasty label.

To apply the term “cougar” to a lady matchmaking anyone more youthful than by herself try gross, bookofmatches recenzГ­ in an espeially bro-tastic sort of method. Continue reading