My apologes when it comes to question that is newbie but this thing was included with nary an instruction, and even though it mostly does not require any, this situation in specific puzzles me personally. We connected a USB3.0 portable HDD towards the NAS, accessed the provided files and did a straightforward copy/paste between the a folder within the portable HDD plus one regarding the NAS stocks. At

2.5MB/s though, it is quite clear it really is doing the transfer through the system instead of straight through USB3.0. Can there be method to resolve this? Otherwise, moving 1+TB of things will soon be a rather long and process that is boring.

Disclaimer – i have maybe perhaps maybe maybe maybe perhaps maybe not played much having a MyCloud.

I would expect you’re going to get far better performance plugging the USB drive into the regional Computer and copying on the gigabit ethernet.

That which you’re doing is loading a relatively cheap cpu up with simultaneously driving a USB slot, and reads and writes over gigabit ethernet. Continue reading