Season eight [ ]

Castiel saves Dean, and you may actually leaves. Dean while the others summon and you will join Dying so you’re able to eliminate Castiel. When Castiel seems, Dean informs Death so you’re able to kill Cass, but Dying could have been freed, and does not. Dean has given on Castiel, until Cass appear requesting let. Dean rushes so you’re able to Castiel’s services. When you find yourself functioning, Castiel apologizes in order to Dean for what he’s complete, and you may promises to create to Dean. Because the door reveals in order to Purgatory, Castiel collapses, and Dean rushes to assist him stand. Castiel releases all of the souls back into Purgatory.

not, the fresh new Leviathans lived-in Castiel and very quickly take over. Castiel’s ship does not work out so you’re able to consist of her or him for very long and click for more info you may initiate leaking black ooze. The newest Leviathans direct into the civil water-supply, and drop off in the water. The only thing abandoned try Castiel’s trenchcoat, and this Dean possess, hoping that their friend may come right back eventually. Dean is actually distressed at their buddy’s losings. In the Shut up, Dr. Phil Dean provides nightmares out of Castiel’s dying, demonstrating that Dean nonetheless feels the loss of their close friend.

Dean, recognizing he can not combat Castiel, gets up to an idea to bind Death comes up

Far so you’re able to his shock, Dean discovers Castiel once more and is surprised observe him real time. About Born-Once more Name, Dean finds Castiel, today going by Emmanuel, married possesses zero memories away from their previous lives. Continue reading