Family Ancestry

At DNA Services of America, we understand how important it is for family researchers to have the answers they need to questions about ancestors. Researching ancestry is a popular hobby enjoyed by many individuals each day. Despite that there are millions of documents to assist in family research; many genealogists are unable to find exact answers to questions. DNA testing for genealogy is quickly becoming the research tool necessary for our customers to have definite answers to connect to ancestors. Molecules in the human body have genetic codes that are unique to each individual making DNA testing for genealogy a valuable scientific tool.

Genetic Codes

In addition, scientists are now able to place genetic codes in databases to help genealogist’s research particular family groups. Providing DNA testing for genealogy purposes to our company is easy and painless. The most common way to get a specimen is with a cotton swab with skin tissue from the interior surface of the facial cheeks. Many family history researchers are curious about the information a DNA testing for genealogy from our company can provide.

Simple Test

We specialize in DNA testing for genealogy to find information on a customer’s haplogroup. One simple testing swab can determine your maternal and paternal patterns of migration for hundreds of years. You’ll receive information that will assist in determining relationships and a document showing the migration history of your paternal and maternal haplogroups. With this additional information, many of our genealogy research customers are able to fill those gaps in paperwork. Instead of needing to research a wide range of geographic areas, you can narrow research to particular regions.

Printable Charts

If you are interested in genetic heritage, then DNA testing for genealogy is vital to learn more details. You will receive a printable chart with a manual that shows the percentages from the DNA testing for genealogy samples. With the percentages, you will know if ancestors originated in North, Central or South America. In addition, DNA Services of America analysis shows results for locations in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Statistical Information

As a devoted genealogist, you will be thrilled to have more statistical information concerning genetic heritage. The DNA testing for genealogy available from our company is useful for both new and long-term researchers. Many of our customers learn information that assists with finding additional details in specific geographic regions. Instead of spending years seeking information in the wrong location, you can focus attention on a specific location. DNA testing for genealogy from DNA Services of America is a useful tool for determining if family legends are true concerning your ancestry. Work with us today to find out more about your family.