There is a lot more to DNA paternity testing than confirming a biological link between two different people. Whether you are a single mother who needs to file for child support or a Native American descendant applying for tribal membership, access to accurate DNA test results can help you achieve your goals quickly. At DNA Services of America, we understand that behind every test is a unique story. Our mission is to help you discover the truth so you can enjoy positive changes in your life. If you are new to the process of DNA collection, learning more about the benefits of testing can help you understand why DNA results are a lot more important than they seem at first glance.

Reasons for DNA Paternity Testing

1. Determining paternity. One of the most common reasons why people come to us for DNA paternity testing is to definitely determine identity of a child’s father. While many clients who request testing on children are single mothers, it is not uncommon for fathers to ask for DNA paternity testing to confirm that they are biologically related to their children. In many cases, fathers who have some doubt about their children’s true identities cannot fully commit to raising them or providing ongoing financial support to their mothers.

2. Proving proof of paternity in family courts. Without a definitive link between a child and a biological father, it can be very difficult to win a case about custody or mandatory financial support. DNA paternity testing speeds up the court process and helps judges make fair decisions. If you are planning to file a case in family court, getting legally admissible DNA testing to prove paternity can help you save time and money on future court dates.

3. Establishing a relationship between two relatives for immigration purposes. Immigration officers are more lenient when approving applications for new immigrants with relatives who already have legal residency status in the United States. If you have a loved one who wants to move to the U.S. but needs help proving his or her ties to the country, DNA paternity testing is a quick solution to proving a definitive family relationship.

4. Straightening out disagreements about inheritance. In wealthy families and large households, family members can sometimes end up fighting in court over inheritance rights. If there is no will to consult, anyone has a right to come forward and try to claim a piece of the deceased’s estate. When there is a question about a relative’s relationship to the deceased, DNA paternity testing can help confirm or deny a blood connection.

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Alleged Father

DNA testing is a scientific method that compares biological samples from different individuals to determine if there is a genetic connection between those individuals. Some DNA testing utilizes just one test sample, and it may be used to determine if the individual has genetic markers that link the individual to a certain ethnicity. Ultimately, DNA testing can provide an individual with valuable and sometimes vital information about the person’s lineage or ancestry. Many individuals, however, fail to realize that there are different types of testing services that they can select from, and some make the unfortunate mistake of choosing the wrong services for their needs. By understanding some of the common mistakes individuals make when selecting a DNA test or testing service, you may be able to avoid making these mistakes yourself.

Choosing the Wrong Kind of Test

Individuals should be aware that there are different types of tests that they can choose from. The most common type of DNA test is a paternity test, but there are other DNA testing options, such as forensics tests, ancestry tests and more. Through DNA Services of America, you can easily learn more about each of these DNA testing options, and you can also contact us for personalized assistance with the selection of a test. This can help you to make a great decision when selecting a DNA test.

Failing to Ensure the Testing Service is Credible

Many individuals who are purchasing a DNA test are doing so for a specific reason, and they are relying on the results to be credible and valid. For example, some may need DNA testing results that will be credible enough to use in court when seeking child support payments. Others may need to use the results for Native American tribal rights issues or for immigration purposes. In these cases, providing DNA testing results in a court of law or for other substantial purposes, the credibility of the DNA testing company that you use may be brought into question. DNA Services of America only works with the highest-quality laboratories, and because of this, the results are considered to be valid and reliable for most purposes.

The Correct Collection Process

Often DNA testing is performed in the same manner at the lab. But, the correct collection process is extremely important. DNA Services of America can set you up to go into a Service Center or send you a home testing kit. Either way ensuring that you have a proper collection is our goal. If you choose to collect your samples yourself, you will need to follow the instructions provided carefully. This will ensure that your results are as accurate as possible. Some instructions may be difficult to follow or too complicated to understand. DNA Services of America strives to provide instructions that are simple and straightforward, and it offers support services so that you can easily get your questions answered by knowledgeable staff members.

There are numerous challenges and pitfalls that individuals can run into when getting a DNA test, but you should be aware that working with the right testing company can help you to avoid many of these common challenges. DNA Services of America is among the most reputable and dependable resource for DNA tests and one of the reasons for this is because the company has gone to great lengths to provide its customers with a fast, effective and accurate way to get the DNA testing results they need.

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Alleged Father

Raising a child can be difficult, which is why it’s so important to make sure you know exactly who the father is. Thanks to modern technology and the dedication of all DNA Services of America team members we have established ourselves as one of the best DNA testing service companies in the country. If you have lingering doubts about the true parentage of your child, don’t let them fester: get a paternity test.

Getting a paternity test is as simple as visiting DNA Services of America. We pride ourselves on not only the speed with which we meet our client’s needs, but also on our commitment to privacy. No one will need to know about your concerns until you’re ready to learn the truth. We understand that every customer’s situation is unique, which is why we go to great lengths to make them feel comfortable whenever they decide to get a paternity test.

While many of our clients may come to get a paternity test, that’s not all that DNA Services of America specializes in. We also cater to those that are interested in their ancestry, as well as those that need immigration testing and a whole host of other services that DNA testing has made available over the years. We believe that this is the future of discovery, where DNA can reveal the magnificent truths that were invisible to humans less than a century ago.

Of course, once you’ve made the decision to get a paternity test, there will still be some obstacles. DNA testing takes time, which unfortunately means that you will need to be patient. On the bright side, that patience is mirrored by our determination and commitment to quality testing. We will do everything in our power to avoid an error in our testing practice. In fact, perpetual improvement is one of our greatest keys to success.

A wise person once said that knowledge is power. If that is the case, then DNA testing is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself. If you want to get a paternity test, or any other test for that matter, be sure to visit us as soon as possible. Thanks to the quality of our services, we’re sure that you’ll be satisfied with your request to get a paternity test. We believe that everyone is entitled to discover the truth, no matter the circumstances so work with us today to find the truth that you need!

Alleged Father

For many years, DNA Services of America has been working hard to provide its valued clients with fast, accurate results from DNA tests. There are many reasons that individuals need to obtain DNA testing results. The most obvious answer relates to paternity testing. Through paternity testing, the biological connection between a father and child can be established. However, DNA test results can provide individuals with additional information about themselves and their heritage. DNA testing for ancestry, for example, may provide you with important details that you can use for different purposes.

Who May Need DNA Testing for Ancestry

Your ancestry or heritage provides you with significant information about where your ancestors were from, and in many cases, it can prove lineage from a certain area of the world or from a certain ethnicity without fail. With DNA testing for ancestry, those who are unsure about their heritage or ethnicity can obtain accurate results. DNA testing for ancestry can also be used to confirm or deny paternity, for immigration purposes and more. For example, in the event that two or more parties from different backgrounds are questioning the paternity of a child, DNA results can be used to confirm the true lineage of the child. This can also be used for Native American tribal rights cases, for forensics and for many other purposes.

Why Choose DNA Services of America

The fact is that there are numerous service providers that you can choose to use for your DNA test, but DNA Services of America is the company to rely on for DNA testing for ancestry. We are a company that understands that there are different reasons why DNA tests are ordered, and we offer a full range of services that can be utilized to ensure that the needs of its customers are met.

Who Is DNA Services of America?

Whether you need DNA testing for ancestry or DNA testing for any number of other needs, DNA Services of America can help. The company offers home testing kits that can be ordered online or via the phone, and you can order a home testing kit for DNA testing for ancestry, for paternity testing or for other similar needs. The kits are designed to be easy to use, and the test results can be provided to you quickly. Everything about DNA Services of America has been streamlined so that you obtain the results you need and the answers you are looking for without delay.

If you need to get answers about the paternity of yourself or a child or are trying to find your lineage or ethnicity for any number of reasons, using DNA testing for ancestry may be the right solution. DNA testing for ancestry is just one of several services available to you through DNA Services of America. The best step to take to ensure that you order the right home testing kit is to contact a representative at DNA Services of America for personalized assistance before you place an order for your test today!

In Appleton, WI, DNA testing is being used to help solve a 50 year old murder mystery puzzle.  According to the Associated Press, Winnebago County authorities are using new DNA testing technology to solve a murder mystery that reaches back into the 1960s.

In 1963 Wayne Pratt was stabbed over 50 times and died at a gas station between Neenah and Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  And though there were plenty of suspects and potential people that could have committed the crime, there was not enough evidence to charge or convict anyone.  Now, 50 years after the brutal murder of Wayne Pratt, the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office is sending archived evidence to a state crime lab for DNA testing.  They are hoping that the DNA test will reveal who the murderer was so that they can potentially be charged for the crime.

According to Sherriff John Matz, “DNA opens a lot of doors.”  Included in that statement were comments regarding what they considered to be the most important pieces of evidence from the Pratt case.  The evidence includes dried blood from different items found at the scene of the murder.

Heralding use of DNA testing for cold cases was Brian O’Keefe, an administrator of law enforcement for the Wisconsin Department of Justice.  Mr. O’Keefe claims that DNA testing is the primary reason why cold cases are not being solved, and indicated that more cases could follow in the future.

“[DNA testing] is such a powerful tool.  It can bring justice to a family who has lost somebody,” O’Keefe said.

At DNA Services of America we are proud to offer forensic DNA testing.  Similar to the state lab that will analyze the evidence from the Pratt murder, we are able to analyze police evidence of blood and tissue samples and identify what DNA material belongs to whom.  With advances in DNA testing, it will soon be commonplace to solve these cold cases and to prevent further cold cases from developing.  We have the means and technology to ensure that criminals do not evade justice for their crimes and that they will be held responsible.

DNA Services of America is located in Lafayette, Louisiana, and has relationships with Service Centers and laboratories throughout the United States to provide DNA testing services for everyone.

In news of the weird, it appears that there is a development among some people to test DNA to determine if they are a match for romantic love.  Currently there is no science or proof that DNA has anything to do with love and romance, but according to Professor Michael Gillings, a biologist from Macquarie University in Australia, DNA testing for romantic compatibility is, “… inevitable, because it’s going to be really easy to do.  It’s quick, cheap… and you’ll be able to buy it off the shelf and just do it.”

Currently, DNA testing might be able to reveal the likelihood of whether or not someone is predisposed to cheat or to make long-term commitments.  This is possible by profiling genes that control neurotransmitters such as oxytocin and vasopressin.  Oxytocin is a hormone believed to a key to a person’s ability to commit, while vasopressin is a hormone that helps regulate fidelity.

Dr. Gillings further said, “When you are going out with a new guy, you could get a sample of his DNA, sequence it and say, ‘I’m not going out with him, he’s got a tiny part of his gene that would be a good prediction he is going to be promiscuous.”

Currently DNA Services of America does not perform the test necessary to identify oxytocin and vasopressin.  However, DNA Services of America is cautious of the ethical situation that arises in taking specimens from unwitting and unknowing partners to genetically test them.

DNA Services of America wants to remind everyone that currently this is still a theory of Dr. Gillings and has not been proven to be true or even significant in laboratory settings.  Test is ongoing as to whether or not Dr. Gillings is accurate about the hormone and how it can affect people.

DNA Services of America offers DNA testing services determining paternity and other family relationship services, infidelity, ancestry and forensic DNA testing.  DNA Services of America is a national brand and has relationship with only the highest quality laboratories available.

In recent DNA testing news, Dr. Storch of Washington University has developed a test to determine the nature of infectious fevers, identifying them as either viral or bacterial in nature.  This discovery will lead to medical professionals begin able to more appropriate prescribe correct medications to combat infections.

Fevers are the most common manifest symptom of an infection; however up until Dr. Storch’s research, it was extremely difficult to determine if the fever was the result of a bacterial or viral infection.  Gregory Storch, a pediatrician and infectious disease researcher at Washington University in St. Louis, along with his colleagues, has developed a simple test to measure gene activity in children to determine the nature of infectious fevers.  Using this gene test, Dr. Storch was able to distinguish the difference between bacteria fevers and those caused by viruses.

When a person has a fever, the activity of hundreds of genes change as the immune system responds to the infection.  By gauging the response of 18 specific genes, Dr. Storch and his team could correctly distinguish between bacterial and viral infections with 90% confidence in the results.  Dr. Storch is also working on identifying which microbes caused the viral infection, which can lead to further specific diagnosis and targeted treatment options.

This is great news for appropriately treating and caring for different types of infections.  The treatment for bacterial and viral infections is vastly different and use different medicines as they interact differently with the body and the body reacts to them differently.  This distinction is difficult for medical professionals to distinguish, however, as the symptoms to both are nearly identical.  Upon completion and mass availability of Dr. Storch’s test, medical professionals will be able to reduce the amount of antibiotic prescribed to patients.

DNA Services of America does not specifically provide medical testing; however one of their core specialties is forensic DNA testing.  The application of Dr. Storch’s test could help lead police and other law enforcement agencies to determine cases of wrongful death from medical malpractice.  Currently, Dr. Storch’s technique isn’t ready or available for clinical testing, but Storch is working on providing the test as soon as he is able.

On June 13, 2013, the Supreme Court of the United States unanimously decided that companies cannot patent naturally occurring human genes. This is an interesting distinction as it breaks away from other cases regarding DNA patenting and collecting within the US. Earlier this month, SCOTUS ruled that police agencies could collect and indefinitely store human DNA, even if charges are dropped. This ruling identifies DNA similar to fingerprints in the eyes of the law in forensics information gathering. Also, previously to this ruling, SCOTUS has ruled that companies can patent synthesized genes.

This case has garnered national attention due to some interesting events in popular media. In May actress Angelina Jolie had a double mastectomy. According to the news , after learning that she was extremely likely to develop breast cancer because she was a carrier of the BRCA1 gene. The case before SCOTUS was directly tied into this very BRCA1 gene. Myriad Genetics of Utah, was the only company that had developed a test to identify this gene and had patented the gene to maintain a monopoly over the testing. With this ruling other companies will now be able to develop testing, which should bring down the price of the test and make it available to more people. In time it is speculated that the BRCA1 test will become commonplace and lives will be saved as a direct result of this ruling.

DNA Services of America is pleased with this ruling. While we currently do not offer BRCA1 testing, we know that with this gene now open to further research more and more testing opportunities will become available.

DNA testing and analysis for medical diagnostic and disease predisposition is still a very young field. This ruling by SCOTUS will encourage growth within the field. By safeguarding against patenting naturally occurring genes, companies will be able to develop new studies and tests to identify other diseases and cancers. Hopefully, through this ruling and others like it, medical professionals will be able to provide better care for their patients by having better information with which to make important medical decisions.

If you believe that you are a potential carrier of the BRCA1 gene, or have a family history of breast cancer, we encourage you to contact you family physician and discuss you situation and options.

Monday, June 3rd, with a slim margin of 5 to 4, the Supreme Court of the United States agreed that police can sample DNA from an arrested individual and keep the specimen afterward, regardless of innocence or guilt.  This is one of two cases before the Supreme Court this year as they also tackle the controversial case of whether or not corporations can patent DNA.  Both of these subjects are important and reflect deeply on the nature of privacy and the very building blocks of life that compose a human.

DNA Services of America is a company that tests and profiles DNA sequences for individuals to answer questions for genealogy purposes, paternity disputes, forensic testing, and even immigration services.  As such, this is a very important topic.  So the question is to be asked, do you own the rights to your own DNA and should that be private?

To begin with, it is important to note that the Supreme Court’s ruling only applies to person apprehended.  The police can’t lift DNA without probably cause, currently.  In this regard, the Supreme Court has decided that DNA is similar to a fingerprint and is nothing more than an identifying mark of a person.  Applications of collecting DNA are important for cases of sexual abuse, as well as when blood is present at a crime scene, etc.  The application of this law should help keep people who are innocent from being prosecuted.  The disturbing aspect of the case is the nature that the police can keep a copy of your DNA on file once it is collected.  This is again similar to fingerprints, which are taken during an arrest and then kept on file.  Personally, while it may seem that is a overstep of power for both law enforcement agencies and the Supreme Court, the decision was based off of current practices already in place throughout the United States.

However, the next case to be heard is truly interesting.  Can a company patent genes?  Can a company patent DNA?  While the thought itself seems absurd, there are important questions to be asked that are at the heart of this case, and it goes beyond privacy.  Ultimately the case will be built around the idea that companies are experimenting with DNA and therefore any findings they have that can benefit can be patented and protected.  This begins to sound like something out of a science fiction story, or the movie GATTACA.  However as we move forward in DNA studies these questions will have to be asked and defined.  It is interesting to note that this time is already here.

The date was August 25, 1485.  King Richard III of England was being laid to rest in the choir of the Leicester Greyfriars Church after being defeated at the Battle of Bosworth two days earlier.  This defeat ended the 331 years of Plantagenet rule and ushered in the reign of the Tudors under King Henry VII.  The change in power also ended the Middle Ages and ushered in the Renaissance Period in England.
527 years to the day, on August 25, 2012 under a parking lot in Leicester, England, King Richard III’s remains have been located and exhumed from the remains of the Greyfriars Church.  DNA testing performed by the renowned Dr. Turi King at the University of Leicester and compared against known descendants of Richard III’s sister, Anne of York, has since confirmed that the exhumed remains are in fact that of King Richard III.

But is it really King Richard III?  Since the news has come out, many scientists are unsure at least until the results of the studies are publicized and can be peer reviewed.  Questions as to the type of DNA testing performed are the main point of contention to those doubting the results. It seems that due to the age of the remains and the surviving relatives that mitochondrial DNA testing was all that could be performed and as a result, could result in a false positive due to the fact that individuals could potentially share mitochondrial DNA and not be related.  What makes a mitochondrial relative is the sharing of rare variations in the DNA.  As this data has not yet been published, it is difficult for some to accept the data.
While DNA testing provides firm evidence as to whose remains were found, one only has to look at the corroborating evidence surrounding this case.  It is well known that Richard III had scoliosis, a curvature of the spine.  This caused one of his shoulders to be much higher than the other, which may be where the hunchback stories came from.  William Shakespeare wrote about this deformity in his works.  It is also well documented of the wounds that Richard III sustained during the battle as well as the post mortem “humiliation” wounds.   The wounds on the remains match up to what has been documented.  It is also well known that Richard III was buried in the choir of the Greyfriars church.  While the church was destroyed as a result of a dissolution decree of all monasteries by King Henry VIII in 1538, it was found as a result of research done by members of The Richard III Society and the University of Leicester, who tracked down medieval maps to locate the best approximation of the remains of the church.
Additionally, facial reconstruction was performed using the skull and astonishingly, the result closely matches known painted images of King Richard III.  While no paintings done while he was alive are known to exist, it is assumed that existing paintings are based off of paintings that have long since been destroyed.

Anytime you deal with 500+ year old remains, there will always be questions.   When you have strong corroborating evidence in addition to DNA evidence, it leads one to believe that King Richard III has indeed been found beneath a parking lot in Leicester, England.  His body will soon be interred at Leicester Cathedral sometime in 2014.