Descriptive Analytics and you may Correlations

Changeable results more than ± step three.31 have been considered to be outliers, ultimately causing the removal of around three members, leaving an example out of 244. Skewness and you will kurtosis statistics was indeed tested, appearing that details were usually marketed. Descriptive statistics and you can correlations on head research variables are offered from inside the Desk step one. Cohen’s (1988) requirements having Pearson’s correlation coefficient effect proportions were utilized to choose the effectiveness of the effects (i.age., brief, roentgen = .10; medium, roentgen = .30; highest, roentgen = .50).

Wedding into the Sexting Behavior

I learned that 77.6% of one’s present test had sent or received a beneficial sext into the their existence, when you find yourself twenty two.4% got never sexted. Next, regularity analysis revealed that 74.8% regarding players indicated that they had sexted a romantic spouse from inside the during the last six months, when you are 43.1% had sexted someone aside from an intimate mate in the same period. Continue reading