This has been a long time since I’ve got long stretches of period to sniff classic scent, analysis they, and keep coming back here on last night’s scent to share with all to you about it.

But i have already been an active bee, with newer work and desire tasks keeping me occupied. We certainly thinking about acquiring back once again to antique fragrance reviews – when there is a will likely, there is a means! – but I’m excited to allow all to you know element of just what keeps filled a great deal of my personal opportunity.

We founded a perfume brand – Eris Parfums. Called after the Greek goddess Eris, girl of Nyx (nights), and something associated with the bad ladies of Mt. Olympus with a reputation as a troublemaker and subversive, Eris keeps tossed straight down the lady gauntlet (or thrown their Golden fruit?) in the form of three brand-new perfumes.i do believe you will like their inspiration: vintage floral animalics. Continue reading