It’s not hard to forget that a residence within the suburbs is maybe not the option that is only first-time home customer has with a VA mortgage. There are lots of options available and also the Department of Veterans Affairs has anticipated quite a few with regards to property that is purchasing choosing choices.

For instance, do you realize the VA will accept mortgage loans for qualified borrowers who desire a home that is custom-built? A construction loan has guidelines and procedures particular to your problems linked to having an innovative new house built from scratch in place of a home that is existing.

The VA Lender’s Handbook has things that are several state concerning the utilization of the VA loan advantage for land acquisitions. Based on Chapter Three of this handbook, “eligible purposes” for a VA mortgage loan range from the capacity to “purchase or build a residence, including a condominium or cooperative product, become owned and occupied by the veteran being a home.” Some stipulations are included by the rules concerning exactly what do be bought:

  • The mortgage can include purchase that is simultaneous of land by which the residence is found or would be situated;
  • Loans can also be guaranteed in full when it comes to construction of a residence on land currently owned by the veteran (a percentage regarding the loan enables you to refinance a purchase cash home loan or product product sales agreement for the purchase associated with land, susceptible to reasonable value demands). Continue reading