Bisexual Thug – by Stefan Volcy – Stefan is a hustler that is closet-bisexual. George could be the freely homosexual guy who really really loves him and Karen could be the girl he sporadically sleeps with. (MMF, bi)

Bisexual Vampires – by Stefan Volcy – Kyrnios is a vampire that is immortal. Zythos may be the guy he falls deeply in love with. Katrina may be the stunning girl whom distracts him as he is with in need of assistance from it. (MF, MM, bi, dream)

Bitch kid – by dale10 – A teenage child becomes the toy that is sexual some mean black colored thugs. (Mm, nc, rp, v, tor, huml, intr, orgy)

Bitch kid – by Jimmy James – I became a horny had and 13-year-old found something brand new. Being fully bitch when it comes to neighbor’s dog Rambo had been great fun. (mm, beast) component 2 – component 3

Black And White – by Sky Unending – a new guy possesses the capabilities associated with the alchemist, just he doesn’t understand it. Two great abilities are wanting to woo him to make use of their capabilities to beat one another. 2 effective angels descend to win the kid and make use of their abilities. What are the results as soon as the capabilities clash in areas where they may not be therefore skilled. If the great capabilities of monochrome clash, stories of epic proportions are bound to increase. (MM, mc, dream, sci-fi, rom) Part 2 – component 3 – component 4

Ebony Bang – by happy – White man really really loves black colored figures and cock, and cum. He would go to club. Gets it. Then more, perhaps significantly more than he actually desired. (MM, mast, oral, anal, intr, liquor, rom)

Black is not so incredibly bad in the end – by Comxis – A white couple learns to manage their emotions toward black colored people, despite their upbringing. Continue reading