Before beginning going your website that is static on and CloudFront, i do want to allow you to conscious that you need to go your website name servers provider to Amazon Route53.

This is basically the way that is only make CloudFront make use of your domain. ??

If you’re confused on how to link your domain DNS with Route 53, then please feel free to check out the first element of my previous article Simple tips to migrate your domain to Route53.

During the final end for this tutorial, we’ll be making use of the after 4 services given by AWS:

  • Path 53 (for the domain DNS)
  • S3 (for the static files)
  • CloudFront (CDN — will serve our static files from different places)
  • Certificate Manager (SSL certification — your website shall have https for FREE??)

Okay, now let’s get our hands dirty.

Action 1 — Create S3 buckets

We very very very first need to log in in to the AWS administration console to see the S3 solution.

As soon as discovered, we must produce two buckets that are s3 our website name. Continue reading