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Ashley Madison, or The Ashley Madison Agency, is a Canadian online dating service and social networking service marketed to people who find themselves married or in relationships. It works just like dozens of other password resets you’ve seen: you enter in your email, and if you’re in the database, they’ll send a link to create a new password. The breach of the vBulletin message board impacted over 17k individual users and exposed email addresses, usersnames and salted MD5 passwords. The unofficial analysis of the hacked accounts by the unnamed programmer referenced in the Wired article, who goes by the username “@tx0x0” on Twitter, includes a total of 15,019 email addresses ending in “.mil” or “.gov.” Some appear to be suspect, erroneous or outright fake.

There are certain things that you can do to protect yourself on this site, such as creating a new email just for your Ashley Madison account. If you might be considered one of these people we’re referring to, and you are looking for a secret affair, Ashley Madison would possibly just be the platform for you. As quite a few people can testify, however, a successful attack on websites like Ashley Madison can be even more damaging. The hackers, known as the Impact Team, took umbrage with the sleazy site’s mission to encourage married people to cheat on their significant others.

When we delete an undesirable consumer free ashley madison credits profile, we will roll again the credit used to message such member. The third strike that flagged most of the female profiles as fake was the fact that only 9,700 women ever replied to messages they were sent, versus 5.9 million men who had. Men and women register there to have an affair, so you most likely will not find love of your life. In fact, some of you may be registered members of the site (this does raise the question that if you are a registered member of Ashley Madison and are reading this business blog then at the moment you are finding business stories more interesting than having an affair so well done on that).

Even content that nearly everyone agrees should be off-limits to children, such as pornography and sites celebrating drug, tobacco and alcohol consumption, can be seen by underage users who enter fake birth dates or tap online buttons that allow them to claim to be adults. That is the way AshleyMadison represent the services of the website. The people on Ashley Madison know how important selection is when it comes to having an affair, which is why they made their methods for finding them so useful.