ERIC supplies the following guidance to assist authors write an abstract of maximum value to users. Authors ought to follow this guidance, to discover our video “Tips and greatest methods for Writing ERIC Abstracts.”

An abstract is just a succinct summary of a more substantial work, typically written in one paragraph of 150 to 500 terms. Its function would be to assist readers quickly discern the reason and content regarding the work. Material presented to ERIC must consist of an abstract printed in English. Accuracy, brevity, and quality will be the ABCs of composing an abstract that is good.

Composing Design

  • Work with a whom, exactly just just what, whenever, where, why, just how, and “just what exactly” way of handling the primary elements in your abstract.
  • Utilize certain terms, expressions, ideas, and key words from your own paper.
  • Use precise, clear, descriptive language, and compose from a target in the place of evaluative perspective.
  • Write concisely, but in complete sentences.
  • Utilize language that is plain don’t use jargon, plus don’t utilize acronyms with the exception of widely used terms (then determine the acronym the very first time utilized).
  • Write within the person that is third don’t use “I” or “we.”
  • Utilize verbs into the voice that is active.

Abstract Elements

A well-written abstract generally addresses five important components:

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