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Kiss for MomBegin Finding Your Biological Parents or Family Members

There are approximately 6 million Americans who have been adopted. Often, when they grow up, these people find themselves asking, “How do I find my parents?” It’s only natural that many of the people who were adopted as children feel the need to find their biological parents or family at some point in their lives. This search may be driven by a need for medical information, the desire to know about your personal or family history, major life changes, or simple curiosity.

It doesn’t matter what your reason is for looking for you biological parents; it will be a search that leads you through a complex process. You will begin with what you know about yourself, progress to what your adoptive family knows about your history, advance to what you can find out from the agency or state that handled the adoption, and hopefully end up finding your biological parents or family.

Man hugging his mother in the gardenHow Do I Know if They’re My Parents?

This search will lead you through many questions: Who are my parents? How do I find my parents? Are they my parents? Once you have found people you believe to be your parents, you may even find yourself wondering, “How do I prove they are my parents?” The best way to find the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve found your biological family is with a DNA test.

With DNA testing, there’s no more wondering if you found the right people. You can know, once and for all, when you have found your biological parents or family members.

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*Entering a child’s birth date assumes the child was born at full term.

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