(The Frisky) — there is a large number of misconceptions about lesbians. I am confronted by them daily and, honestly, hearing these items is similar to getting smacked in the face with a rag that is wet.

Often, whenever somebody fires down a label, we am therefore shocked that i recently stay here, staring, starting and shutting my mouth like a large, stupid goldfish.

Therefore I’m planning to take this chance to get fully up to my soapbox and stamp down all of the stupid, ignorant misconceptions We have heard over time. Hopefully, next time we hear one of these simple things I’m able to eloquently explain why it is untrue instead of just stammering, ” exactly exactly What!? Jerk! “

Lesbians hate males. Really, we realize that often the alternative does work. Lots of homosexual women we understand have a huge amount of man buddies and discover which they be friends with dudes in addition to with chicks. I prefer looking at girls and my right woman buddies are not therefore thinking about doing that. I’m extremely confident with my man friends since they do not worry about how I look and do not gossip to nearly similar level. Having said that, i will be extremely, very near to several of my feminine buddies. There was absolutely a rather unique bond between individuals of the exact same gender.

Being homosexual is a lot easier than being directly since you’re dating somebody who may be the exact same sex as you. If only this had been real, however it isn’t. Dudes complain that girls are impossible to find out and I also agree. I do not comprehend my very own thoughts and emotions half the full time, aside from an other woman’s. Ok last one, and if you were to think sex with somebody who has the exact same components while you is a lot easier, you are incorrect here too. You understand how it’s not hard to put mascara on yourself yet not on another person? Yeah, it really is similar to that.

There’s always a “man” and a “woman” in lesbian relationships. Nope. My gf and we both are already pretty feminine. We have seen lesbian couples where both ladies are from the masculine side, too. The truth is, lesbians worry a complete great deal about personality, exactly like right partners. We do not just bypass attempting to fill a sex deficiency. Whom we have been interested in does not have a lot to do with the way we ourselves look. Instead, this has to do with. Whom we are drawn to. Wow, exactly exactly what an idea!

Lesbians have daddy problems or were intimately mistreated as kids. Puhleeasee! My preference that is sexual has regarding traumatization or some sort of damage that happened certainly to me as a kid. Consider, for a minute, just what this discussion would seem like if it went the way that is opposite. Right girl: I Am right. Lesbian: Ooooh! Have you got a relationship that is really bad your mom?! Directly girl: No. Lesbian: Well, you really must have been intimately mistreated by a large, mean lesbian as a young child. Absurd, is not it?

If you should be a lesbian you have never really had a relationship that is meaningful held it’s place in love with a person. This will be a tough someone to cause people to think, however it isn’t real. I identified as bisexual and had a three-year relationship with a man whom I loved a lot when I was younger. A couple young small tits of years directly after we split up, we understood i really couldn’t date or rest with males any longer because i did not feel intimately drawn to them. Things modification, OK? A woman who may have a relationship with a lady is able to identify as directly once the relationship concludes, so just why can’t the opposite is done by me?

Lesbians have committed really quick and do not cheat. The joke that is old a lesbian’s 2nd date is leasing a U-Haul is stupid. Some become a “we” very fast, and some don’t like straight couples. Ok last one, and you also understand how promiscuity occurs in a few hetero relationships and never in other people? Shock! That also takes place with homosexual partners. Why don’t we stop women that are stereotyping commitment-obsessed, clingy crazies, OK?

Ladies who like ladies — specially bisexual chicks — are simply dying to indulge in your threesome. Clearly, this differs with regards to the individual. We, myself, don’t want to share with you my gf with anybody. We’d instead take in a bottle of shampoo than view somebody else touch her. And, no, i actually do not need to possess intercourse with you as well as your boyfriend. Because of the means, girls, my participation in your sex-life isn’t likely to create your BF love you more.

Lesbians do not wear underwear. Wrong once more. Girls wear sexy underwear for his or her boyfriends and girls wear sexy underwear with their girlfriends. The real difference? Lesbians know about exactly just exactly how uncomfortable that crap is and enjoy it more.

It is simply a period. Roar! Nothing incites rage in me personally such as the old it’s-just-a-phase crap. Me it was just a phase when I was straight, no one told. Like many of these other misconceptions, you would not state it up to a perthereforen that is directly so do not state it if you ask me. It is hurtful and unpleasant because a lot of idea, anguish and feeling went in to figuring down my sex. To dismiss it as being a stage can be to express we wasted months of my entire life considering a thing that is not genuine.